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Mrs. Dorina Hanza is a teacher and a popular artist that dedicated her entire life to keeping the traditions and the craftsmanship from Bihor alive. She holds a special place in her heart for her ancestors who left her the secret of a good craft. She puts this love into her current work, she says. The beaded chockers follow the model and chromatics of the same accessory that was part of the outfits worn by her grandmothers and grand grandmothers.


Mrs Gladi Dogaru is a popular artist that combines traditional craft with innovation techniques to create traditional authentic items but also reinvented pieces. Beaded chockers and other accessories created by Mrs. Dogaru are made from high-quality materials. She is very passionate about what she is doing, and about beautiful things in general. She spends long hours in her workshop, and this is what makes these chockers valuable pieces of jewellery.


Mrs. Edina Georgina Jurca is a young designer from Bihor. She is proud of her roots and her grandmother’s legacy: the weaving machine and the craft skills. She taught her to work with a weaving machine when she was a little child. Even today, they are sewing traditional clothes together.


Mrs. Ana Popa learned the art of craftsmanship from her mom. Everything she creates is hand-made: beaded chockers, traditional scarfs and even popular costumes. The villagers call her Golden-Hands Ana. The type of woman that you can only find in the old stories portraying the village life. She still has a weaving machine in her home and she is a collector of old pieces of authentic popular costumes.


Mrs. Diana Herdelo is a young designer from Bihor passionate about handcrafting. She likes to sew and knit, keeping the traditions alive. She crafted more than 500 pairs of shoes, blouses, handkerchiefs and other objects and slowly she and her mother, which is her unconditional help, want to explore more the ancient techniques of crafting traditional Romanian shirts. All her products are 100% handcrafted and she uses natural materials.